About us


  • Writing Personal Injury Demands

  • Requesting and Collecting Medical Records and Bills

  • Medical Records Summary

  • Case Management

  • Ongoing Client Contact

  • Connecting Clients To Medical Care

  • Opening and Organizing New Client Files

  • And more....

Personal Injury Demands Done Right.

Are your phones ringing off the hook with clients wanting to know the status of their case? Your reputation and advertising got them in the door, now to keep the client happy, you need to get the demand out the door. 


We offer all types of support for your personal injury cases. Whether you need assistance writing settlement demands, gathering medical records & billing, or drafting medical summaries, we are here to help. We provide the support you need so you can settle your cases more efficiently and at less cost to both you and your client.



Injury Demands is a professional service providing support to personal injury attorneys. We have the ability to handle case management from start to finish; whether opening a new file and ordering medical records/bills and other necessary documents...or writing a settlement demand after the completion of treatment. We can provide as much or as little support as you need. Many firms could use additional assistance in writing demands or collecting medical records but do not want to hire an additional employee for this. We are your solution.  With over 30 years of experience among us, we are experts at case management and demand writing and are able to get things done quickly and efficiently.

We write the demands.
You settle the cases.